Project Ascension

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Level Designer

3D Sci-Fi Action
Puzzle Game

Unreal 4


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The Project

"Project Ascension" is part of a larger project called Project X which is a series of similarly themed sci-fi projects aimed at skill building in different areas of level design. The project currently includes Project Eclipse (a stand-alone game project built on a team at Dallas College) and "Project Ascension" (a solo-designed level in the game LIT, produced by The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University).


Project Eclipse showcases my ability to use modular kits and create newly imagined assets by combining existing assets together.


"Project Ascension" focusses less on aesthetics and design theory, and instead, dives deep into scripting fundamentals.

Stay tuned for the third project in the series which will focus heavily on level design theory and map design. 


Gameplay Trailer


Design Goals


Projectile-based Target System

Functional &

Dynamic AI


Responsive Health

& Shield Bars with

Regeneration Options


Images & Involvement

The main goal of this project was to script a system where projectiles could power generators on and off in the level, and that those generators would power on other devices in the level. Devices included a health restoration tube and a colorful light beam that could be redirected towards conduits to open doors.

The second goal I had for this project was to allow the player to shoot at functional AI enemies. This was actually a stretch goal of mine that I achieved. AI wander every so many seconds in a radius. When AI see the player, they walk towards the player. On contact, they damage the player and the HUD flashes red with an image I created in Photoshop. I pulled in animations and the enemy skin from Mixamo. I duplicated the enemy, recolored the skin, and change the speed and damage to make a more difficult enemy in later rooms.

The final goal I had for this level was to include a working health and shield bar that worked along side enemies and hazards in the level. All in all, I had 2 enemies with differing difficulties, and fire hazards that could damage the player. Shields would be impacted first and would automatically regenerate a few point every second. Health could only be restored by entering into a health restoration tube that was powered on. 

"Project Ascension" was a love letter to Project Eclipse in many ways; so, here I provide some images from Project Eclipse. The focus of Project Eclipse was on Mod Kit usage and baseline aesthetics. Project Eclipse is lacking the level design theory I now understand, and a proper set-dressing pass to make the space feel more lived in. 

Alien Specimen Tubes
Alien Specimen Tubes

Made from BSP and mesh combinations.

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Spaceship Corridor
Spaceship Corridor

Mod-kit usage, clutter, vfx, and lighting.

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Server Room
Server Room

Kit-bashing, lighting, mod-kit usage.

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Alien Specimen Tubes
Alien Specimen Tubes

Made from BSP and mesh combinations.

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What I Learned

I learned a ton about scripting and UI in this project and it has helped me in later projects. I also created some 3D models in this project, which was pretty new for me. I am able to clearly see that the aesthetics and polish are lacking in the level, but this was not the true focus of this project. It is my hope that I will soon complete the third project in this series that will showcase my skills in level design theory and have a stronger aesthetic vibe.