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Another Day, Another Dollar (Dying Light Dev Tools)

Dying Light Developer Tools
Solo Project (2023)
Level & Quest Designer
Focus: Linear Quest Design, Combat Scripting, Skill-Progression

Steam link to Another Day, Another Dollar level

Creation Kit, Fallout 4
Solo Project (2022)

Level/World & Quest Designer
Focus: Open-World Techniques, Emotional Engagement, NPC Follower

Manny's Best Friend (Fallout 4; Creation Kit)
Arachna Towers (Unreal Tournament)

Unreal Tournament
Solo Project (2022)

Level Designer
Focus: Multiplayer Design, Constant Motion, Designing for Differing Player Styles

Dying Light Developer Tools
Solo Project (2022)
Level & Quest Designer
Focus: Environmental Storytelling, Engagement through movement and interactables

Steam link to Grim Repo level
Grim Repo (Dying Light; Dying Light Developer Tools)
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