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Human Fall Flat

Hi! I'm Jacob and I'm an experienced level and world designer with 4 shipped titles and a Professional Graduate Certificate in Digital Games Development from the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University. I'm currently teaching game design courses at Dallas College but am looking for an opportunity to join a studio full time, impact players positively, and create awesome levels. Level and area design is not just a job to me; it is my artistic outlet and one that keeps me highly engaged with its technical challenges and rewards.


Before games, I earned a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration and advised a diverse array of students through a variety of challenging experiences; I cherished my time serving students and watching them grow, but I had to follow my heart and pursue my passion. It is my combined love for games, psychology, technical problem-solving, and art that led me to further pursue my career in level design in the games industry.


The first video game I remember playing was Super Mario Brothers on the NES with my father; I have been playing games of all sorts ever since. Some of my favorite video games have included Halo, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Donkey Kong CountryMinecraft, F-Zero, and Fortnite; I love playing sandbox games, multiplayer games, going on epic adventures, and anything to do with extreme sports. I also enjoy table top games like Settlers of Catan or DND, and engaging in outdoor recreation / team sports with friends and colleagues. 

When I am not playing games, I enjoy exploring new places and snapping photos out in nature; I love camping. I also like to relax by listening to music while playing along on my drum kit or by engaging in other artistic pursuits such as painting. I have travelled to or through all but 8 states in the USA, and I have lived in 8 different states as well. I am a big nerd when it comes to earth science, archaeology, or anything that is ancient, supernatural, or extraterrestrial.

A painting I made of the galaxy
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This is a painting I made.

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IGDA Foundation - Velocity Cohort 2023 Member
Game Jam Info: Themed Horror Game Jam
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