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I'm an experienced level & world designer with a background in shooters, adventure games, and kart racers. I specialize in level/area layouts, quest design, and gameplay scripting, and I have a strong eye for aesthetics. I am currently open for opportunities; here is why I might be a good fit:

4 shipped games with great teams and a ton of solo projects, some published

A graduate education in games from the Guildhall @ Southern Methodist University

Versed in milestones, scrum, iteration, deadlines, prioritization, communication, and problem solving

Willing to relocate and work on site; able to work remote under any time zone 

I've been working on teams for over a decade to include leadership roles and have solid employment experience

I'm interested in working on games that impact player emotions or change how people think for the better, games where the player is going on an adventure (either open world or linear), or multiplayer maps that strengthen social relationships through teamwork or laughter. 

Another Day, Another Dollar (Dying Light Dev Tools)

Dying Light Developer Tools
Solo Project (2023)
Level & Quest Designer
Focus: Linear Quest Design, Combat Scripting, Skill-Progression

Steam link to Another Day, Another Dollar level

Unreal Engine 4
Indie Team Project - Lunarfall (2021)
Level/World Designer
Focus: Linear Level Layout, Exterior & Interior Aesthetics, Puzzle Design, Leadership

Mollie and Mordecai (Unreal 4)
Epic Games link to the Mysterious Misadventures of Mollie and Mordecai!
Hex Rally Racers (Unreal 4)

Unreal Engine 4
Graduate Student Team Project (2022)
Level Designer
Focus: Track Design, Technical Level Design, Collision, Splines 

Steam link to Hex Rally Racers

Creation Kit, Fallout 4
Solo Project (2022)
Level/World Designer
Focus: Open-World Techniques, Emotional Engagement, NPC Follower

Manny's Best Friend (Fallout 4; Creation Kit)
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